Our Services

PSM HR Outsourcing offers a broad range of HR support and services, designed to complement the HR needs of all organisations, which include the provision of:

  • Employment contracts & HR policies
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employment tribunals & employment practice
  • Verbal advice and guidance
  • Scheduled visits to your premises by one of your designated PSM HR Outsourcing Managers
  • Legal flowcharts
  • Newsletters
  • HR administration
  • Recruitment projects
  • Coaching and mentoring of both management and employees
  • Development and implementation of employee development systems and procedures
  • Management training in key HR related topics, such as recruitment, employee development, coaching, motivation, leadership, appraisals, disciplinary and grievance processess.
  • And much, much more…

Employment Contracts and HR Policies

You will benefit from a comprehensive and professionally crafted employment contract and a range of employment policies. The employment contract will encapsulate all the legally critical and good practice issues providing transparency of terms and conditions for employees whilst minimising legal risk for the organisation. Given their extensive commercial experience and expertise, a contract developed by the PSM team will contain all the necessary contractual terms and wording, thereby enabling you to manage many aspects of employment which could otherwise leave you vulnerable and open to a legal challenge from an employee.  A PSM employment contract or HR policy will also look to minimise any “legal speak”, so as to make them easily understood and unambiguous, thereby reducing the possibility of misunderstanding between the company and its employees.

Employee Handbooks

For larger or more complex working environments employee handbooks are complementary to your contract of employment. Where appropriate, your handbooks will encapsulate the broadest possible range of guidelines, rules, general policies and procedures applicable to your employees (provided as a core part of the ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ annual contracts or as a ‘special project’ for advice and support and ‘Silver’ annual contracts). The wording of your handbooks will reflect the many years experience and knowledge of our HR team in understanding and applying the basic principles of employment law whilst securing the commercial interests of the company and simultaneously applying good and fair employment practices for all employees. The objectives being to provide both clarity to employees of their terms and conditions whilst equally making transparent the obligations that employees owe to the company and standards of performance and conduct required. To ensure that our clients can choose the method best suited to their personal needs, employee handbooks are constructed to enable the choice of either implementation onto the company intranet or as a hard copy handbook.

Verbal Advice and Guidance

Our HR management advisory team are highly experienced and commercially orientated HR professionals with experience ranging from transactional through to strategic HR issues and within SME through to corporate environments.  Therefore they are able to provide you and your line management team with practical and commercial advice and guidance, so as to properly and fully secure your company interests. Due to their wide ranging experience and commercial awareness, the PSM team can advise you on the practical application of the broadest range of current and projected employment law at all levels, plus “good practice” HR, general employment and other management procedures.

An additional benefit is that the advice from your dedicated HR Managers, will offer you a commercially orientated “sounding board” to assist you in applying sound and effective management principles, thereby securing the effective management, motivation and above all the personal development of your most costly resource, your employees.

Our verbal advice and guidance service includes not only telephone discussions, but email “conversations” and also any general reviewing or refining of HR correspondence, albeit that all correspondence is automatically included as a key part of our support in all fully outsourced contracts.   Furthermore, included within the majority of our annual contracts, is an “unlimited” verbal advice and guidance service for our clients, thereby ensuring an unrestricted provision of guidance is available to you and your line management team.

PSM Scheduled Visits

PSM are available to conduct scheduled or unscheduled visits to your premises and branches, although scheduled visits are generally recommended as a key constituent of any fully outsourced contract to such visits enable one of your designated HR Managers to:

  • Meet all line managers to advise and guide them on the management of current and potential HR related issues.
  • Support line management in completing a positive and constructive review and personal development process for your employees.
  • Assist line management to ensure the effective management, motivation and development of all employees.
  • Provide a facility for an employee “surgery”, to support and assist employees with any personal issues, where requested.
  • Support line management in the correct application of any investigation, grievance, appraisal or disciplinary procedures.
  • Provide individual coaching and mentoring, for line management and other employees.
  • Implement HR and operational plans to secure the company’s interests, minimizing any legal risk.

From experience, our HR team recognize that senior and line managers often have substantive operational pressures and are unable to always find the time to make direct contact to discuss specific HR issues.  Therefore the PSM scheduled visits offer a ‘built in’ facility for managers to meet with their dedicated HR Manager to discuss, resolve and take immediate action on a “one to one” basis.  This provision often enables line managers to respond and resolve at an early stage, any seemingly minor HR issues, which have the potential to escalate and threaten the efficiency of the company’s operations and/or staff morale.

Furthermore, meetings with your HR Manager will often enable potentially negative issues to be resolved and turned around to become motivational and “positive” outcomes beneficial to employees, line management and ultimately the company.  Finally, scheduled visits provide line managers with an impartial “sounding board” to enable them to develop additional motivational and people management skills and to discuss potential.

Legal Flowcharts

As always, our intention is “making life easier for you”.  In preference to just giving our clients extensive reading material as to employee rights and entitlements and the necessary procedures to meet the requirements of current employment law and “good” HR practice, we provide simplistic, easy to understand flowcharts for the majority of employee rights and entitlements.  These flowcharts make the law and employee rights, more readily understandable to line managers and furthermore, the terminology used is written in a “user” friendly and not legalistic manner and jargon, so that they can be given to your employees to use as an “aide memoir”. This procedure guarantees that the process is seen to be transparent and the company is viewed as professional in meeting its legal obligations, whilst also being seen to explain to employees the law, their rights and entitlements, thereby enhancing trust in the company, as a good, professional and honest employer.


Our HR newsletters provide you and your line management team with a regular summary of developing and incoming aspects of employment law but with:

  • the clear focus on how it will impact on your business and commercial environment and
  • our interpretation of its effects on your business.

Additionally, our HR Consultants provide you with occasional briefings on subjects such as good HR practice, to enable you to benefit from our extensive experience in the management and development of that all important and highly costly resource, your employees. You can rest assured however, that we will only send our newsletters to you when there is something worthwhile saying and not on a routine monthly/quarterly basis as their purpose is to make worthwhile use of your time by keeping you updated as to relevant HR issues, as your time is valuable and finite.

HR Administration

Within all PSM’s range of fully outsourced contracts, the administration of HR records is a cornerstone of this level of service and alongside the fully computerized, state of the art, web based HR Information Systems (HRIS), we complete all the general, hard copy HR records, so as to secure the complete integrity of your employee records.  The HRIS system ensures that wherever possible, the soft copy records are fully automated and particularly the management of holidays, absence and other key aspects of employment.

However, most importantly, PSM will ensure that the integrity of the employee process from pre employment procedures such as offer letters, “right to work” checks, through to the administration and recording of references, holidays, sickness, grievances, disciplinary processes and coaching and training programmes, are fully completed.  So you can rest assured that from the date an employee is offered a role and starts with the company, until such time as the employee retires or leaves the company, that the procedures are conducted in a professional and yet caring manner.