Employment Law

At PSM HR Outsourcing, our objective is to analyse and assess the operational impact of current and forthcoming employment legislation in order to determine the key characteristics and obligations being placed on its clients.


During the period 1997-2003 there were a total of 137 Employment related Acts or Statutory Instruments and between 2004 – 2009, there were 275 Employment related Acts or Statutory Instruments passed by Parliament.  In the period 2007/2008 there were 189,300 Tribunal claims, an increase on 2006 /2007 of 43%, and the primary type of claim was for unfair dismissal.


From the Employment Rights Act, Human Rights Act, National Minimum Wage Act, through to the Employment Acts 2002/2008 etc, these Acts have radically impacted and extended basic employment rights such as race, sex, disability, sexual orientation and age discrimination, data protection, pensions and health and safety issues within the UK workplace.   While some legislation is mutually beneficial to both employees and professional Company management, the consequence of the continuing growth in employment legislation combined with an increasing willingness of employees to litigate, is to impose a complex and significant restraint on the ability of Company management to strategically manage the business and achieve the company’s full potential within a highly competitive, global market.


PSM’s role in supporting our clients, is to provide succinct and clear guidance for performance management/improvement, disciplinary, grievance and other necessary disciplines. Underpinning this primary objective, is the PSM principle of simplifying the key issues for our clients, while recognising the need to apply such legal and good practice disciplines with the emphasis on commercial practicability.

Simply, making “employment law easier for you”.