Personnel and employment costs generally constitute 80-90% of an organisation’s overheads.  Despite this fact, every manager will know of many cases where poor recruitment decisions have impacted adversely on the business.

Poor recruitment selection results in significant time being wasted and costs being incurred training/developing a new recruit who is evidently either insufficiently skilled or qualified, or whose personal characteristics are unsuited to the company culture. The resultant loss of efficiency, increased disruption and effect on team spirit and morale can be, and are often, both damaging and long-term.

PSM HR Outsourcing can improve the efficiency of your organisation by ensuring the effective recruitment of candidates with the appropriate balance of skills, experience, knowledge and a personality to match the organisational culture. Our Consultants are all qualified HR Managers and extensively experienced in the in-depth analysis of vacancies and suitable candidates, interviewing techniques and determining the specific skills and qualifications required and a personality suited to the client’s organisational culture.

PSM offers a range of professional support to all its clients, from an initial telephone assessment and filtering project through to the completion of a full recruitment project, the PSM HR team are available to support you to achieve a successful new addition to your Company.

As HR Managers, we take the view that all employees, whatever their role and individual contribution are important.  Therefore we are not selective and have extensive experience of recruiting from board level appointments to direct and administrative sales personnel, to IT engineers and through to warehousing and production staff.  As a consequence, we can offer the full range of recruitment support including:

  • Development of person & job specifications
  • In depth, one-to-one interviews, role plays & competency based questioning/assessments
  • Analysis/assessment of media
  • Psychometric testing (where appropriate)
  • Response handling & telephone interviewing
  • Assessment Centres


Our Partners:  First Choice UK

Recruitment in the UK Freight and Logistics Sector

In business, one of the biggest challenges is finding the best people for your specific market sector.

To this end, PSM have partnered with First Choice Group who specialise in the UK freight and logistics sector.

The First Choice Group is all about the best people – the best people to employ and the best consultancy services to help you grow your business organically or through merger and acquisition and, when the time is right, the best people to advise you on the sale of your business.

For 15 years, customers in the UK freight and logistics sector have worked closely with First Choice to help them find the best talent for their latest job opportunities in sales & marketing, operations, administration, finance, HR, security, transport – in fact, every function required to fulfil their customers’ global supply chain requirements.

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Simply, “making recruitment easier for you”.