Training & Staff Development

Training and skills development of your staff is an on-going procedure to maintain your competitive edge in an expanding market.  It is about improving knowledge and skills as an indvidual or as part of a group; it’s about making it easier for you to do what you do, increasing productivity and making a greater impact with your organisation.

PSM HR Outsourcing offer cost effective training methods to ensure that your personnel maintain a peak of expertise and enjoy the indirect benefits of personal motivation and recognition. PSM understand the individual culture and needs of your organisation and will be able to recommend the training process, programmes and packages and direct support required to meet your specific requirements.

We help individuals, teams and organisations to perform in the best way they can and we help to achieve this by ensuring our courses will:

  • Help you to solve your people problems.
  • Provide learning and development services that make a difference.
  • Provide courses that are practical and ‘keep it real’.
  • Actively listen to you, to understand you, your business and your issues. We will work with you and not ‘do it to you’.
  • Act as a valuable source of independent advice and guidance

Delegates will gain the knowledge and practical skills required to enable them to ensure positive results from their colleagues; a direct benefit to employees and employers alike.

Training Programmes include:

  • Employment Law updates for line managers
  • The application of performance management procedures, including Personal Improvement Plans & Disciplinary Procedures
  • Leadership & effective line management
  • Selection & interviewing techniques
  • Appraisal skills/dealing with conflict

 Staff Development Systems include:

  • Job evaluation
  • Training needs analysis & progression planning
  • Appraisal & development systems
  • Commission & bonus schemes
  • Psychometric testing
  • Employee attitude surveys

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching or mentoring allow organisations to improve performance at work by means of the coach, guiding and encouraging the manager or employee to both use and assimilate historical and on-going work or personal experiences, as true “learning” experiences.  This encourages the recipient to develop a mindset, whereby they become increasingly aware that each and every situation or experience that arises can be of value to both their personal and also their career development, as a “positive” learning experience.  The coach or mentors role, will involve questioning alongside “active” listening, building confidence and developing a personal rapport, giving and receiving feedback and motivating and supporting the employee/manager with the ultimate objective of assisting the employee to enhance the level of learning they achieve from past and future experiences.

PSM HR Consultants are experienced in both individual coaching or mentoring of members of our clients senior management team or alternatively to complete group coaching of employees to secure the development of a learning mindset at all levels of the organisational structure.

Management Training

A range of HR and leadership related, half-day workshops can be prepared for clients. For clients who have selected the ‘Platinum’ annual contract, two separate management-training workshops per annum from our range are inclusive; for all other clients our half-day workshops are available as a ‘special project’ and will be costed accordingly.

The workshops offer highly practical and commercially focused management development programs with a two-fold objective of:

  • developing line management expertise in the management, development and motivation of their employees
  • minimising the risk of legal claims resulting from their actions.
  • securing the motivation and commitment from all employees towards the Company and individual line management.

PSM HR Outsourcing provide a wide range of training and development courses that are based in the “real world” of business, providing pragmatic training and development solutions for your business.  Our ultimate goal is to improve the efficiency and hence the effectiveness of the employees and human resources available to the Company.

Simply, “Making Training & Development Easier For You”.