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PSM HR Outsourcing can help to ensure that your Company recruit the right employee for the role you wish to fill.  All PSM HR Management Consultants are fully Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development qualified and trained to source and select the best candidates for every vacancy.

Additionally, PSM have discounted rates agreed with a number of local and specialist recruitment agencies, as low as 10% of basic salary for permanent placements in the majority of cases. These preferential rates are typically 30-40% lower than an individual Company would be offered by a recruitment agency and therefore by working with PSM to source candidates for a vacancy, you can gain the advantage of PSM’s expertise and can potentially save your Company time and money.

PSM can offer a variety of levels of service ranging from:

  • Liaising with recruitment agencies, reviewing CVs then submitting only the best and most suitable candidates for your vacancy to you. We will pass on our savings on the agency placement fee to our customers, and only charge for the time spent sourcing and selecting CVs.
  • PSM can also fully manage your vacancy including placing advertisements, telephone screening and face to face interviews. Again, we only charge for our time and any advertising costs incurred.

Your overall recruitment spend could be less than the cost of paying a higher placement fee yourself, we have real examples of where this has arisen.   In the meantime, you will also have:

  • Prevented valuable management time being spent on liaising with agencies or managing a spectrum of candidate applications many of whom will be professionally or culturally unsuited to the role.
  • Secured managers focus on their key operational responsibilities, so as to minimise any risk to operational standards.
  • Secured the professionalism & robustness of the process and integrity in which the Company is viewed by candidates.
  • Due to the robustness of the process, minimised any risk of legal claims by applicants on the grounds of discrimination.

In summary, management time is saved, operational focus is maintained, a professional process is completed and legal risks minimised.  An ideal process for a professional and forward thinking Company.

To find out how we can best help you with your recruitment needs, please contact PSM HR Outsourcing on 01784 472541