HR Outsourcing – Why Outsource HR?

Outsourcing your HR Function? – As companies expand, restructure or contract, the required level of HR expertise and support will be in a constant state of flux and change; ranging from complex employment law issues requiring the expertise of an experienced HR Director, through to general HR Officer or HR Administrative related support. Employed HR professionals are a fixed cost and therefore cannot be readily altered to suit the dynamic, ever changing requirements of a company’s Human Resource needs.   However, HR outsourcing with PSM provides you with:

  • Flexibility and control to adjust to the ever changing needs of your organisation and available budgets.
  • Support to your current HR department to supplement their personal expertise or during peak workload periods or alternatively, to implement and manage a complete HR function, where you do not have a formal in-house function.

HR Director to HR Officer Access – Outsourcing will directly benefit your business by providing you with ready access to a whole range of HR support, from HR Director through to administrative HR expertise, at an affordable and most importantly, a flexible cost. Why settle for a single function or level of expertise when you can have the full range of qualified HR professionals at your fingertips, thereby reflecting your current size, organisational needs and the specific requirements of your organisation at any stage of its development?

Releasing Management Time – Outsourcing some or all of your HR needs, will directly benefit your Directors and line management team as it will release their valuable time allowing them to focus on their own specialist functions, alongside managing and growing the business. Therefore, you can save money by reducing the time your Directors/line managers spend on non-revenue generating HR activities and enabling them to concentrate on their core business and commercial responsibilities.

Commercially focused HR Advice & Support – As a business in our own right, PSM understands the critical need for all decisions to be business and commercially focused. This is based on the simple philosophy that if PSM ensures its advice will underpin and secure the implementation of effective and commercial HR strategies and decision’s, this will greatly increase the potential success and profitability of the Company. As a direct consequence, this will also motivate your employees by improving opportunities for their personal development and promotion within an expanding and successful organisation.

Cost Benefits and Cost Comparison

PSM Contract Support v. Corporate HR Function – As companies change, so their need for HR support increases or decreases across the range of HR experience and roles – from HR administrator to HR Officer and finally to HR Manager or even Director and, at times, combinations of these differing levels.

HR Outsourcing will directly benefit the business as it will provide a more cost effective service than an in-house function and you will only pay for what you need.

Your personal comparison and estimate of annual costs:

To receive a comparison of projected costs between establishing and maintaining a corporate HR function and the estimated cost for PSM to provide you with full professional support across the entire range of HR administrator to HR Director level.

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